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AWCA / RIDGE Red Deer Ballot

Since 1996, this ballot system has offered hunters the chance to free range red deer
in the high ranges of the Brisbane, Burnett and Mary Valleys of Queensland. This self-guided system provides a very affordable, safe and enjoyable opportunity to hunt Queensland’s historic red deer. For more information.

Red Deer (Cervus elaphus)

The red deer of Queensland Australia were liberated into the headwater country of the Brisbane valley in 1873. As Clark’s family have been hunting these majestic deer since the early 1930’s, it was little wonder he took up professionally guiding for them in 1985. Every year since then during late March and April, Clark has assisted hunters to fulfil their dreams of securing a mighty free range trophy. Although slightly smaller than in some countries, these great trophy animals are showing the benefits of Quality Deer Management initiatives to remain one of Australia’s premier game animals.

Family Venison Hunts

There is nothing more natural, primal or respectful than to personally go out and harvest the food that your family eats. The spiritual, emotional, physical, educational and nutritional values gained by hunting free ranging wild deer for food with your family cannot be over-rated and it is something that AWCA is proud to share with families from around the country during most months of the year. Clark and Judy take pride in sharing their respect for these animals with others as they teach humane, ethical and hygienic harvesting practices for wild deer. Membership opportunities exist for families to join the Glenfiddich Hunting Lodge team which controls introduced animals under a Property Based Wildlife Management system on the private properties of landholders within two hours’ drive of Brisbane.

The rusa deer of Queensland originated from liberations which occurred after the collapse of the deer farming industry over 20 years ago. Managed as a resource by some landholders, these deer have acclimatised to local conditions to become a highly sort after game animal. Clark, Judy and the AWCA team, have maintained the reputation as one of the leading guiding businesses on these terrific deer under true free range conditions.

Their smaller cousin, the Moluccan rusa (Cervus timoriensis muluccensis) can be hunted with Clark and tribal elders of the Kaurareg Native Title Aboriginal Corporation on the islands of the Torres Strait in far North Queensland. Steeped in history, this area is one of the best kept secrets of Australia featuring true wilderness country, beautiful islands as well as great hunting and fishing. The season for both rusa species runs from late May through until early August each year.

Chital Deer (Axis axis)

The chital deer of North Queensland were liberated in the late 18th century around Charters Towers, a major gold mining area of its time. Managed under Quality Deer Management principles, these amazing deer have shown the ability to survive Australia’s harsh environment while still producing world class trophies on the private properties of supporting landholders. Clark, Judy and the AWCA team hunt these tough Aussie survivors under true free range conditions from January to July each year.

Wild Scrub Bulls

“Scrub or cleanskin bulls” as they are commonly known in Australia, are the wild, rank natured cattle running wild and free in the high ranges of central and North Queensland as their ancestors have done now for decades. Descendants of many different breeds of domestic cattle who have continuously escaped muster, these wild bulls are noted for their aggressive nature and are a true challenge for any hunter in the thick and steep coastal range country. Hunting is done by foot with either bow or rifle in the dryer months from May through until November.

Wild Pigs

One of the true Australian bush pastimes can be described as “Going piggin’”. Clark, Judy and the AWCA team take regular trips to North Queensland is pursuit of wild pigs, with rifle, bow and with their Border Collie bailing dogs. These are action filled hunts, conducted throughout the dryer months each year for parties of hunters up to three at a time and each hunt can be combined with hunts for other species if desired.

The AWCA Combination Hunt

Possibly the favourite hunt for the AWCA team is our “Combo Hunt”. In the North of the State, hunts for wild boars can be combined with trophy chital and rusa hunts plus fishing for barramundi, Saratoga and King Salmon. Further South, rusa and red deer deer hunts can be combined with wild pigs plus fishing for tuna, mackerel and reef species. Hunters can tailor their own tours with AWCA to bring about the trip of a lifetime.

British Columbia

A range of high quality hunts for moose, mountain Caribou, Stone ram, Grizzly bear and other species can be booked through AWCA. Kurt and Esther McGhie working for the Collingwood Brothers of Smithers, BC in the Spatsizi Wilderness area have an enviable reputation for some of the best free range hunts in the world.

New Zealand and the Northern Territory

The hunting tours offered by Clark and Judy keep them extremely busy most of the year so when they are approached to by hunters to chase tahr, chamois or red deer in NZ, as well as buffalo and other species in the NT, they will either assist hunters themselves if they can or direct the enquiry to one of their preferred and highly reputable hunting guide friends in these areas. Your success is their aim so every effort will be made to ensure your hunt is the best ever.